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and many other Import Dealers Claims Processing.
Over 25 years of Ford claims processing experience!
M.D.F. Warranty Service, is not a
business that does vehicle repair work or
sells vehicle service contracts.
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We do all types of computer systems;
UCS, ADP, Reynolds & Reynolds and more!

We take pride in doing the job right the 1st time, with unsurpassed reputation and integrity!
“I’ve been in the automobile business since 1974. I’ve worked as Salesman,
Finance, Sales and Service Managers, and in several Ford Dealerships.
In February of 1989, I started MDF Warranty Service as a family business, that
has now grown to serving over 25 dealerships! If we can help you with your
Ford warranty claims or Imports, please give me a call.”
-Mark French
Our Service Includes;
*All necessary coding

*Technician flagging


*Submission to Ford

*Follow-up to insure payment

*Service writer/tech hot line; ESP, Bumper to Bumper and Service Part Warranty estimates.

*Consultation with your 126 forms to keep you in line with Ford’s guidelines.

We Watch For;
*Overlapping labor operations and over flagging from the tech.

*Improper accounting with parts and labor etc.

*Technician comments to back up parts and labor before sending to Ford for payment.

*Proper supporting documents including OSL Bills and Service Part Warranty Claims.

*Warranty and Extended Service Plans coverage per Ford guidelines.

Save money and time!
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MDF WARRANTY Can help You get your claims paid
Save money and time!
Our prices won’t be beat!
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